Our Approach

Partnering to Drive Success

Pointcore combines business principles with healthcare-specific nuances across all of our services areas.

Flexible & Custom Options

We understand everyone’s needs and situations are different, regardless of your goals. That’s why, with our service offerings, Pointcore offers flexible and custom options to best serve the needs of your organization.

Whatever your functional need, we have a way of working that is right for you.

Identifying the root cause of what is really happening requires expertise and a full review of all influencing factors.

At Pointcore, we will conduct a thorough audit and assessment and then provide full recommendations regarding many aspects of your operation.

Whether it be network, infrastructure IT systems and operations, or healthcare technology and equipment, this assessment can be a vital first step toward resolution.

Sometimes you simply need guidance along the way. This may be input from functional experts or an operational approach with on-demand services.

Our consultants are healthcare providers guiding healthcare providers, which gives you the most valuable and actionable insights.

Sometimes expanded and deep expertise is needed. Our complete end-to-end services are available for many aspects of your operation and are typically your best business-value solution. They can range from managed services for entire areas to only certain aspects of a key function. Pointcore has its roots firmly in healthcare delivery, so we understand your business because it’s at the heart of ours.

Successful Execution Is Based On Operational Evolution

Pointcore has a system-wide formal program that aligns your organization to a well-defined and agreed-upon future state, encompassing all critical aspects of your operating model and your people.

PathSeeker Methodology

Pointcore’s healthcare-specific, proprietary methodology accelerates your implementation and provides consideration for continued refinement.

    Document what we know
    about your current state and desired future objectives to develop a business case.
  • PLAN
    Define framework
    to drive consistent application of standardized processes.
    Apply organizational structure
    to framework.
    Execute with best practices
    to deliver improved performance and results measured against agreed-upon SLAs.
    Focus on continuous improvement
    to maximize quality, financial performance and satisfaction — as measured by KPIs designed to enhance organizational value.

Building A Continually Improving Operational Cycle

We start by clearly defining and agreeing on your goals. This foundation is imperative to building an operational cycle that performs for and meets the expectations of your employees and business, all while elevating the quality of patient care services.

Partners You Can Rely On

Our long-term strategic partners allow us to scale and stay at the leading edge of technology and innovation. Our relationships also bring a suite of solutions designed specifically to meet your needs. So whether it is ERP, EHC, HTM, lab, prescription services, or much more, we enable you to deliver quality care. Ask us about our complete offering.

Pointcore was born from OSF Healthcare, and as a result, they continue to be a key partner offering expansive digital health solutions, laboratory and pharmacy services, and protocols and quality metrics.

Premier’s cloud-based, healthcare-exclusive ERP solution is quick to implement, easy to maintain and cost-effective to reduce your IT expenditures. Pointcore is Premier’s exclusive ERP implementation partner, providing a wide range of services.

Epic is the industry leader in building software that puts patients at the center, covering over 230 million Americans. Pointcore is Epic Connect Accredited and has over 14 years of experience with Epic software and clinical content to ensure a quality, efficient build.

Our partnership with GE Healthcare provides you with a wide range of HTM-related products and services, including our exclusive Automated Breast Ultrasound Screening (ABUS) process for your patients — a critical service for more than 40% of women with dense breast tissue.

Ready When You Are

Pointcore provides world-class services, leveraging the expertise and scale of one of the region’s largest and most respected healthcare systems.