Who We Are

We’re Your Partners

We enable providers to deliver transformative healthcare by extending proven excellence in patient-focused care.

We Live In Your World

We are healthcare providers helping other healthcare providers. Working exclusively in health care sets us apart from other consultants or service providers. Born from one of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations, Pointcore brings decades of experience managing nonclinical matters for hospitals and clinics of all sizes, enabling you to deliver the best care possible. We understand the issues you face, so you don’t waste time, money or effort getting us up to speed.

Our Commitment

How we work with others is just as important as the products and services we offer. After all, business relationships thrive when rooted in mutual respect, trust and human dignity. You can count on our team to bring integrity to every decision, to treat each individual interaction with care and compassion, and to build a working environment centered on collaboration and open communication.

We Share Successes

We implement evidence-based solutions, processes and systems proven to work in our healthcare organization and others.

We Provide Our Experts

Skilled workers, especially in technical fields, are hard to come by. When you work with us, you have complete access to our team, providing you with deep expertise and experience when you need it.

We Believe In Collaboration

Every hospital or clinic is unique. The challenges they face are not. Sharing solutions and innovations deliver economies of scale, reduce costs and enhances quality across the continuum of care.

Our Guiding Principles

We deliver on our commitments by operating under four guiding principles that ensure success for everyone involved.

  • Alignment to organizational strategy
  • Development of business case defining people, process, cost and impact on current state
  • Accountability of leadership to drive evolution
  • Defined future-state model which is patient-centric, higher value and lower ongoing cost, with clear decision making and drive to best-in-class

Ready When You Are

Pointcore provides world-class services, leveraging the expertise and scale of one of the region’s largest and most respected healthcare systems.